Telford Young Carers Service was established to provide high quality, comprehensive services to young people in the communities surrounding the historic town of Telford. The ethos of the Telford Young Carers Service is based on the belief that young people are unique individuals with unique qualities, attitudes and tastes. They are a vital part of our communities and need to be supported in as many ways as possible. This includes care providers working with young people as caregivers and voluntary workers. Providing opportunities to combine paid work and volunteer activities gives young people the opportunity to make a real difference to their community.  Please use the link below to find out more information.

Telford Young Carers

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Barnardos Young Carers

Telford Young Carers Live Well for Telford

Telford and Wrekin Young Carers Service CVS

Based in the Carers Centre alongside the Adult Carers team the Young Carers Service is a commissioned service of Telford & Wrekin Council, and a CVS managed community project.

​Young carers look after family members who are ill, disabled or have alcohol or substance misuse issues - this is usually mum, dad, brothers, sisters or grandparents.  They may be primary carers - the main person caring. Caring can restrict young carers in having the childhood they deserve, with common issues being isolation, worry, tiredness and lack of self-esteem.