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SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School




Welcome to our wonderful school! We provide a friendly, safe, secure  kind and fun environment for our children and staff.
We aim to develop each and every child to their fullest possible potential.
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Our Ethos and Values

'Let our light shine before people so that they see the good things we do and praise our Father in Heaven' (Matthew 5:16)

Who Can Join Us?

We are a Catholic school but teach children of many faiths.

Read more about our admissions policy and find out if your child could benefit from the learning experience and pastoral care offered at our school.

Starting School
starting at school

Take a look at what's happening in the classrooms too!

Each of our classes has it's own area where teachers can share photos of class activites, spellings or homework. Stay up to date with all the work we are doing by visiting our Parents' Area and heading for the Classes.

children at school