Shield Children

Our Safeguarding Children Board

Children’s Safeguarding Board will meet regularly under the direction of Mrs Kaur.

We have established a Board and nominated people to fulfil roles:

Job Title
Chairperson: Person responsible for leading the meeting (an agenda will be set before the meeting)
Vice-chair person: You will lead the meeting if the Chair is not available
Secretary: You will record the meeting including any actions that need to take place
Treasurer: You will be in charge of looking at any costing for equipment/resources that the group might need
Board Members

Our Aims:

  • To ensure that we help ourselves and others in the school to stay safe at all times by sharing the knowledge and understanding that we will develop through the team.
  • We will have regular meetings and will work to inform children that they have a voice and how they can be heard. Areas of safety that we will cover will include topics such as: bullying, stranger danger and our differing relationships with people in our lives.
  • We will be leading assemblies – for example during ‘Anti-bullying Week’
  • Talk to pupils, parents and other children
  • Write to pupils/parents about key issues
  • Lead initiatives and competitions within school
  • Respond to what is happening in the world – for example, terrorist attacks, fire safety etc.
  • Designed a School Safeguarding Logo and a name for our board

Update 2022-23 

For Safer Internet Day the Shield Children launched the week with a video class assembly.  The children marked Safer Internet Day by completing work set by the Shield Children. Year 2 learnt a song about Internet Safety and discussed the messages. We also thought about what we could do if we have a problem whilst online - tell a trusted adult.  They also led an assembly during Children's Mental Health Week.

This year our new (year 5) and current (year 6 ) Shield members have led various assemblies including Anti bullying and World mental health. They have also completed various questionnaires with their peers about how safe they feel in school. They Shield children are now easily recognisable in our school, wearing a yellow shield badge. Other children around the school know that they can turn to a Shield child for support, should they require it. 

Shield created a video to share to all the classes about Child Mental Health week 7-14th February 2023. 

Children mental health week 2023 - YouTube


Update 2021-22 

Mrs Kaur re-established the Shield Children our Children’s Safeguarding Board with children from year 5 and year 6. The Shield Children have been involved in:

Mental Health week video

Anti-Bullying week – conducted a survey with children in school and analysed the results.

Shield Children created a video for Safer Internet Day which was shared with parents and children.  During Safer Internet Day they led an assembly giving important information around the theme for this year: ‘All fun and games, respecting relationships online, they also showed the video to the children. 

The Shield Children delivered an assembly to celebrate Child Safety Week (9th June). The children shared dangers that can been seen around them including dangers in the home, in public, dangers on the internet and dangers the sun posed. The children suggested possible  strategies with the school about how they can keep safe in different situations including: when at home, not to answer doors to stranger; in the sun- to wear sunscreen and keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm. They also informed the school about the importance of not sharing personal information online and to use avatars instead of actual photos of themselves.

Thank you to our Shield children for their work in the academic year 2021-22.


Update 2019-20

  • Shield Children led Anti-Bullying Assembly and Odd Socks Day – Tuesday 12th November, assembly focused on this year’s theme ‘Change Starts with Us’.  We listened to Andy and the Odd Socks song about being ‘Unique’.  In lessons children wrote their own pledges with what changes they could make or things they could do to support others. 
  • Shield Children surveyed children about how they felt in different areas of the school during World Mental Health Day 10-10-2019
  • Shield Children led Safer Internet Day Assembly 11/02/2020
  • Shield Children led Coronavirus Assembly 12/03/2020