Year 4 Homework due 20.3.19 (Wednesday)


As part of the English curriculum, you need to be able to check for errors in punctuation.  The stories are both seven sentences in length, so seven full stops need to be added to each.  The second story also has commas missing too.  Please read the stories, add the missing punctuation and write the stories out again neatly with the full stops, commas and capital letters added in the correct positions.

  • For a one star challenge punctuate and write out the first story.
  • For a two star challenge punctuate and write out the first story then punctuate the second story.
  • For a three star challenge punctuate and write out both stories.

The Seven Sentence Story


As part of the maths curriculum, you need to use place value and known derived facts to multiply mentally e.g. 6 x 4 = 24 so 60 x 4 = 240. Choose the appropriate level of challenge and apply your knowledge of the multiplication tables. If you use the help sheet for a question, please add a star (*) next to your answer. Then practise that multiplication table because all multiplication tables to 12 x 12 need to be recalled.

Multiplying-Multiples-of-10-by-1-Digit-Numbers – one and two star

Multiplying-Multiples-of-10-Using-Known-Facts – two and three star


The new spelling sheet in your homework book outlines the spellings you are required to learn over the next few weeks. Please refer to this weekly.


Don’t forget reading diaries need to be signed and filled in for at least three days a week. See the information sheets inside the reading book. The understanding of the text is of great importance.