Year 3 home learning week 2 (30.3.20)

Year 3 Work Pack – Week beginning 30.3.20

Welcome to Year 3 home learning!

Good morning!

I hope you are all keeping well and being good for your moms and dads!


Some of you have been very busy completing your tasks this week and it is lovely to see your messages on purple mash, keep them coming. Below are some tasks you can complete over the next week, do what you can and if a task is a little tricky, have another go.

I look forward to seeing what you are up to, so if your moms and dads take photos, they can email them to the office email and I can look at your amazing learning happening!

Miss you all, so here is a virtual hug from me! ((O))

Mrs Wickett


Non-computer based activities:

Reading Writing Maths
Can you find any fairytales or stories that have food or growing in them?

Example – Jack and the beanstalk!

Write a short story on your favourite book or make up your own.

Make your own comic strips!

Use our methods to answer some subtraction and addition questions in our column method (Numberline method if this is too tricky)

See the calculation policy to help you

Snappy maths/ year 3 has some great sheets to generate the questions for you!

Read a book and write a book review – templates available online Why not start creating your own story books or recipe books? Write instructions on how to make meals or write your own menu of food you would eat if you went to Spain! Top marks – hit the button

IXL – Maths programme – wow! You guys have been busy! 10,000 questions answered!! 🙂

  Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday ·         Patterns D1 – D6
Tuesday ·         Subtraction J1- J7
Wednesday ·         Subtraction J8 – J14
Thursday ·         Addition G1-G7
Friday ·         Addition G8 – G14

Purple Mash These activities have been assigned and can be found in ‘2do’ section.

  Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday To write and debug a program 2do – bubbles
Tuesday To write and debug a program 2do – genie
Wednesday   2do – simple city
Thursday To use a keyboard to touch type 2do – 2type – learn how to get quicker when you are typing by racing against the clock in 2type
Friday   Choose any task on purple mash and save it at the end into your folder – I can then see what you are doing!

Over the next two weeks:

Our mini-adventure is going to be ‘The big breakfast!’

I would like the children to complete a topic based on:

  • Food and healthy diets
  • Cooking and preparing different foods
  • Growing their own plants
  • How plants grow

Things they could include:

  • Plan a menu, prepare and cook (with adult support) a breakfast for the family
  • Create a factfile on how plants and flowers grow
  • Grow your own seeds
  • Make a healthy plate with all the food groups
  • Write a set of instructions on how to make….

Take lots of photos and document what you make to share when we return!

Suggested Resources you can use to support your child:

  • Twinkl are allowing free access for parents
  • BBC bitesize
  • BBC supermovers! (We love this one – songs for everything!)

If your child has a keen interest in something we have not learned, why not create a project to share with the class? All knowledge is golden, so if they want to know more, we are happy to take their lead in their learning.

Why not try these ideas?

  • Start the Lego challenge
  • Make your own treasure hunt and map!
  • Or make salt dough Easter egg decorations?

We use and they have great videos, comprehension tasks and ideas. Take a look!