Year 3 home learning activities – 20.4.20

Morning All!

I hope you all have had a safe and rested Easter. Please find below the home learning for Year 3 starting 20.4.20.

Please remember that you can do other learning apart from this – there is a new website coming Monday on the BBC which provides actual lessons and plans for each age group. However, if you are navigating 2 or 3 children from different age groups, try doing a project together that engages all the children don’t attempt to do 3 different versions of home learning at once- for your sanity!

Year 3 School Closure Work Pack – week commencing 20.4.20

I have also attached a link for spelling activities we would have completed at school and the spelling pattern for this week. If your child is working towards Y3 objectives or they struggle with spelling then access TWINKL website and look for the Year 2 spelling objectives. They are the same packs as the link below, however covers the Y2 expectations.

Spelling activities for Summer 1 Year 3 spellings:

Week 1: ‘ary’











If you have any queries or you would like to send any projects or photos to us, please email the office email and these will be forwarded to us accordingly.

Kind regards,

Mrs Wickett 🙂