Welcome to our Summer term – sending love to everyone!

Dear Children, Parents and Carers

I hope you have managed to have a restful Easter with your families, keeping well and safe.  We are sending much love and best wishes to everyone and we miss you very much!

Thank you so very much for everyone who has made many sacrifices to stay at home where possible, and to our essential front line workers who have continued to work to keep us all safe and provide for what we need.

As a parent I know only too well how difficult home-schooling is (it doesn’t matter that I’m a teacher – according to children, mum knows NOTHING!! 🙂 🙂 )

The government released documents to support parents at home today (Sunday 19th April) and I have just finished listening to the briefing from the Education Secretary.  It is very clear that there are no dates to open schools yet.  I attach the Government links below:

Government guidance for parents

It is very, very important that we continue to ensure we adhere to the ‘stay at home’ measures for everyone’s safety.

Our teachers have been very busy putting together work for your children to do while they are away from school, and you will receive emails or access the website as this is available.

I have had a few worried parents contact school to say that they are finding that they are not able to support their child in the way that a teacher might be able to, and whether they can have teacher lesson plans or online lessons with the class teacher.

I can’t stress enough that any work provided is there as a help – only if you need it.  There is absolutely no expectation that you need to complete everything that is offered.  We understand that all children are different.  Some children will race through their work, whilst others will find it very difficult.  We know that parents are also in different positions – some will be fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time with their children.  Others will be working from home, juggling to meet the demands of caring for their family/family members in these difficult times.

Our teachers are also in similar positions – some are able to respond to work more easily, others have vulnerable family members, health conditions and other demands that make parity across classes very difficult, if we were to set more stringent rules around teaching at this difficult time.

Please make sure you rest assured that if your children are safe, you’re doing a great job.  The very best is to make sure they are reading regularly, getting fresh air and exercise where possible.  Cooking together, doing jigsaws or games, watching TV together, talking together, allowing your child space to develop their independence, practising musical instruments, learning new skills, pursuing children’s own interests, and simply resting are just as valuable in these unusual and worrying times.  Simple routines are great and help with mental health of all members of the family.  But everyone is different.

My teachers have begun to hold weekly virtual staff meetings, and this week we will discuss how we can provide a little more clarity if tasks are difficult to understand, and other ways in which we can provide some support.  We will communicate this to you when we have done so.  Believe me, often other teachers can’t follow teacher’s lesson plans – these are always for their own reference and do not go into step by step detail that would be needed if parents were to try and follow them.  Teachers plan a sequence of learning over time with desired outcomes, rather than document each lesson in minute detail.

If you find tasks are difficult (or would like more to get your teeth into) there are plenty more things that the children can do.  As of Monday morning (20th April), BBC Bitesize will be providing learning opportunities that children can access from home.  This is the link:

BBC Bitesize

We also send out links to things that you may find useful too.  But again, please don’t feel any pressure with this.

It will be our duty, as a school, to plan for the children when they do eventually return to us. We will look to get everyone back on track and who knows – is very possible that some children will return with new-found skills and interests they didn’t have time to develop before! 🙂

If there is anything you’d like to know, please don’t hesitate to email the school office: A3352@telford.gov.uk and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

We would love to hear how you are doing.  If you would like to send us pictures of work, achievements, good mentions, that would be brilliant!  We do publish those with permission on our Facebook page and class pages where we can.

Well, what an unusual, quite historic start to a Summer Term!

Please keep safe, that is first and foremost, and we will keep in touch as regularly as we can.

Send all our very best wishes,

Mrs Beale and staff of SS Peter and Paul