The Amazing Aztecs Mini Adventure

The children have completed some wonderful work over the past 6 weeks on the Amazing Aztecs. The children have become Aztec explorers, where they learnt about Aztec ruins in the city of Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs were famous for the chocolate, so we’ve done some chocolate tasting, as well as weaving, printing and creating Golden plaques. we spent time looking at some Aztec artefacts and sketched them too. During some of our PE sessions the children completed an Aztec dance. In science the children have been learning about states of matter, which we managed to link to the changing states of chocolate. The children looked at how different types of chocolate melted at different temperatures. We then made cakes from the melted chocolate (why waste perfectly good chocolate?!) The children have spent a lot of time using ICT to create presentations and narrative stories about the Aztec sacrifice and the downfall of the Aztec Empire.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed their mini adventure. It been another great one. We are now looking forward to the next one.

Have a wonderful half term.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

Here’s some snippets of the half term