Staffing Update

On Friday 29th November 2019, Mr Richard Berrow will be retiring.  Mr Berrow has been a long serving member of staff, holding a range of roles including lunchtime supervisor, caretaker and After School Club assistant. We really appreciate all the support and help he has given the school over this years of service.  We hope that he enjoys a well-deserved retirement!

Year 5 Staffing Update

Mrs Branagh will be leaving our teaching team at Christmas to spend more time with her young family.  We thank Mrs Branagh for her hard work and dedication and wish her well for the future.  

Arrangements for Year 5 will remain the same, with Mrs Kaur as the substantive Year 5 teacher.  We are happy that we have managed to secure this arrangement for the children so that we keep continuity for them.

Miss Sarah Staniforth

Head of School