***Online Safety***

Dear All

Hope you are well and saying safe.  This week we are going to focus on online safety for the children in their learning packs, I will also be posting some information for parents through the week on Facebook this information is below.

I have found lots of useful websites for you to look at:







Please also find below some useful guidance sheets which cover a range of topics.  I have taken down posters that contradict advice that school have previously given, sorry I accidentally included the wrong posters earlier in the week.

8 Things parents need to know about YouTube kids

A parent’s guide to internet controls

Disney Plus Parent Guide

How to Be Kind Online reminders

How to Maintain Good Mental Wellbeing During Isolation

Online Safety Tips for Children

Suggested Apps and Games

What Schools need to know about Cyberbullying

Zoom Parent Guide

As always we are keen to ensure that children stay safe on the technology that they are now using for their school work and their downtime.  Please contact school if you have any concerns around online safety and you would like to talk to someone.


Miss Staniforth

Head of School