National Space Centre

We’ve had a brilliant day today at the National Space Centre. We arrived a little later than scheduled, so had toilet stop and lunch first thing. I think we were all ready for lunch at this point. The children the viewed a super planetarium show all about the Space Race and the Apollo missions into space. a really eye opening experience. The children were thoroughly engrossed throughout.

We then did our Mars Rover Workshop, which was amazing. The children had to programme rovers to travel around rocks from Mars by giving them the correct commands. They were great at it and worked well as small groups to tackle the challenge set for them.

Finally, we were able to tour around the museum where they travelled up the Rocket tower to view the Uri Gagarin area followed by the Neil Armstrong one. In the main museum, children explored the inside of shuttles, the universe, our solar system and live space films, as well as the starry night sky, and the children even did their own weather report in the weather pod.

We had a really super day and the children were a credit to the school throughout the day.

Big apologies for arriving back at school much later than scheduled, unfortunately we were hit by traffic going and more so coming back. Thank you for your understanding.

We are now looking forward to taking all we have learnt back into the classroom to develop and enhance.

Thank you for your ongoing support

Mrs Kaur

Here’s a few photos for you.