In our school we have 5 core subjects, Religious Education, Science, Mathematics, English and Information Communications Technology. All the other subjects are known as Foundation subjects. We have National Curriculum Documents in school on which our planning is based. The National Curriculum Documents as well as Schemes of Work are available for inspection in school by arrangement with the Headteacher.
We believe Science, for children, means exploring, discovering and investigating the world around them. Science is a way of thinking, seeing and doing rather than a subject to be learned. Science links direct practical experience with ideas so can engage Local learners at many levels. Scientific method is about developing and evaluating explanations through experimental evidence and modelling and is a spur to critical and creative thought.
Mathematics covers all aspects of numbers, algebra, shape, investigation and statistics. We teach children to become fluent in their calculation, reasoning and problem-solving skills. Practical work and investigations are essential elements of our programmes of study in each area of Maths. We follow the National Curriculum objectives for all pupils, where all pupils work towards their age-related expectations.

English in the National Curriculum is consists of writing, reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Planning takes account of all these areas throughout Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, each year group working towards their age-related expectations.
Information Communications Technology – Thanks to the generosity of our hard-working Friends’’ of SS Peter & Paul Association and a planned programme by the Governing Body, all class areas have computers, which are used extensively to teach key skills and are integrated into many curriculum areas. We are linked to the Telford and Wrekin network through which we can communicate with other schools, access the Internet (restricted) and use video conferencing facilities. We also have 6 interactive whiteboards and projectors and
2 Smartboards and each class has a digital camera. The 2014 Primary National Curriculum for England details the subject content to be taught. Sixteen networked, wireless laptops are available for class use.
Modern Foreign Languages are a statutory part of the KS2 curriculum. At SS. Peter & Paul French is taught for 1 lesson each week across Key Stage 2 and is often used in everyday exchanges such as roll call. Italian may be offered to Y5/6 pupils as an extra-curricular activity. Spanish, when taught in KS1 is linked to a Geography module.
The Curriculum is planned to offer each child a broad, balanced and relevant experience of learning. Coherence, progression and continuity are carefully structured.

You can find out more about how we teach individual subjects in the pages below.


English, Reading and Writing
Art and Music
Modern Foreign Languages
Design and Technology
Physical Education, Games and Sport
Religious Education and Collective Worship