The Staff and Governors of SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Primary School understand that we live in a multi-cultural society and our aim is to reflect this view in our teaching, planning, resourcing and management of the school curriculum, both formal and hidden.
We aim to foster positive attitudes towards all people regardless of religion or background. We seek to lead our children to learn about themselves and people from other cultures. Our
teaching is informed and sensitive and positively delivered to demonstrate that we view all
people as being of equal value.
We aim to develop an awareness of the rich diversity of cultures within our society.
We seek to make a positive contribution to remove racist concepts and ideas in line with our
Race Equality Policy.
We plan to emphasise the positive achievements of many cultures and help our children towards a positive view of the world’s citizens.
We aim to develop understanding and empathy between different races.
We are selective in our use of resources, avoiding stereotyping and bias wherever possible. We seek to promote respect for the religious and moral values of others.
We had no Racial incidents in the 2015-2016 academic year.
The school has a Disability Awareness Policy, which addresses access to the school and the curriculum and an Equality Policy, which help ensure Inclusion is a central part of the school planning process. Pupils with a disability have equal access to activities in and out of school. If necessary, we arrange for individual pupils have the support of a member of staff in activities or outings. Individual plans for the evacuation of pupils with a disability in an emergency include an identified member of staff to support them.
The Disability Equality Action Plan is reviewed on an annual basis.

SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

If you’d like to read more about how we deal with SEND at our school, you can do so on our SEND page:

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities