How we meet the special educational needs and/or disabilities of our pupils

The Governors and Staff of the school are committed to a policy which recognises that all children are special and unique and that although educational needs are common to all children, each child’s needs are special to themselves.
Pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or a Disability are those whose difficulties are such that, at some time in their school career, either short term or long term, they need special provision.
We at SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Primary school ensure children with SEND make good
progress. We use the Code of Practice as a basis for organising our SEND offer.
The identification of children may be based on concerns about a child’’s rate of learning from the class teacher or parents or through assessments carried out when a child begins school (Early Years Foundation Stage Profile). It may also be related to specific physical needs or behaviours.

Where a pupil falls outside of the expected levels of achievement we set targets and, if necessary, interventions to assess and monitor their progress. However, Quality First Teaching is always the first step in ensuring pace of learning increases.
Provision for children with Special Educational Needs and/or a disability is always under review, and children with learning problems will be catered for. They will receive help from their teacher after consultation with the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo). In line with the Special Needs Code of Practice, if further advice is sought, e.g. from a Learning Support Advisory Teacher (LSAT), parents will be asked to sign a Parental Consent Form. The Governors have appointed classroom support assistants who, as well as general classroom support, are used to assist with specific groups of pupils within class bases. Resources are allocated for Special Educational Needs and/or Disabled pupils through the SEND budget, which provides for some purchase of additional materials and for co-ordinator release time for assessment and consultation. Special Educational Needs and/or Disabled pupils’’ have access to all areas of the curriculum. Our Area Educational Psychologist may also be involved in assessing children and in staff training. We subscribe to the Behaviour Support Service and Learning Support Advisory Teachers (LSATs) and access Outreach advice from Haughton Special School.
The Governing body evaluates the success of the education of pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities by reviewing the progress of such pupils in consultation with the Headteacher and the SENCo. The standards achieved by pupils in specific tests for reading and spelling as well as those administered by the SENCo and Learning Support Advisory Teacher are also reviewed to assess progress.
Parents will always be consulted when it is thought that a child may need additional Learning Support. It is our Policy that the needs of gifted and talented children are recognised, recorded and catered for within the curriculum.
In line with the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice, parents will be involved and consulted at all stages.
Further details can be found in the documents below:

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Below is a link to IASS (Information, Advice and Support Service)