Pupil Voice

The term ‘pupil voice’ refers to ways of listening to the views of pupils and/or involving them in decision-making. You may also hear the expressions ‘learner voice’ or ‘consulting pupils’.

We believe in engaging pupils as active participants in their education and in making a positive contribution to their school and local community.

We have different groups where children can take an active part in school life and can have a say in decisions that are made.

Our School Council

Our school council have representatives from every class.  Recently, they have been working on anti-bullying policies for children:

Anti Bullying Policies for Children

Our Safeguarding Children Board

Children’s Safeguarding Board will meet regularly under the direction of Miss Staniforth.

Please enjoy reading the first newsletter that the Children’s Safeguarding Board have produced about their role during the Autumn Term.


We have established a Board and nominated people to fulfil roles:

Job Title
Chairperson: Person responsible for leading the meeting (an agenda will be set before the meeting)
Vice-chair person: You will lead the meeting if the Chair is not available
Secretary: You will record the meeting including any actions that need to take place
Treasurer: You will be in charge of looking at any costing for equipment/resources that the group might need
Board Members

Our Aims:

  • To ensure that we help ourselves and others in the school to stay safe at all times by sharing the knowledge and understanding that we will develop through the team.
  • We will have regular meetings and will work to inform children that they have a voice and how they can be heard. Areas of safety that we will cover will include topics such as: bullying, stranger danger and our differing relationships with people in our lives.
  • We will be leading assemblies – for example during ‘Anti-bullying Week’
  • Talk to pupils, parents and other children
  • Write to pupils/parents about key issues
  • Lead initiatives and competitions within school
  • Respond to what is happening in the world – for example, terrorist attacks, fire safety etc.
  • Design a School Safeguarding Logo and a name for our board


Junior Road Safety Officers

Mini Vinnies