Ethos and Values

Jesus Christ said, “Your light must shine before people, so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven.” (Matt.5:16)

We believe that Christ is the source of our authority and the reason for the distinctive nature of our Catholic school. Our school aims are based on our belief that each child is made in the image and likeness of God. In educating our children, we are aware not only of our life here on earth but also of our eternal destiny.

SS. Peter & Paul Catholic Primary School provides a welcoming, safe, secure and Christian environment for its children and staff, both teaching and non-teaching. Based upon Christian principles, Modern British Values and our Catholic faith, we aim to develop each and every child to their fullest possible potential.

The foundation of our aims, our teaching and learning are the words of Christ. We keep this in mind as we acknowledge the gap between our vision and reality and endeavour to bring these closer together.

We are OUTSTANDING: Our Section 48 Inspection which took place on 21st March 2018 confirms this:



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Our Vision

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum catering for each child’s spiritual, intellectual, physical and moral development.

To value all children as unique and seek to foster in them attitudes of love and tolerance, forgiveness and respect.

To offer equality of opportunity to all. To positively endeavour to work closely with parents, our parish and local community. To seek to develop and foster solid relationships amongst all involved in the life of the school.

To make prayer, worship and liturgy real educational experiences, and to contribute successfully to the development of the faith of each individual in the school community.

To create an interaction between home, parish and school which provides preparation for the pupil’s entry into the wider community. To achieve this aim the school will:

  1. ensure that parents feel welcome in the school and that they have a very real and valued part to play in their child’s education.
  2. positively encourage good relationships with the Parish and participation in school/parish celebrations.
  3. provide a Christian environment in which the children have the opportunity to develop faith in God and a good, strong relationship with Jesus Christ and love of their neighbour.

To create a community of love, care and concern, demonstrated in the daily lives of the children, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and governors.

To help the children to be strong and tolerant in appreciating other Christians and differing faiths.

To help the children to speak about the Christian and Catholic faith and to express it in their prayer, worship and daily life.

To recognise that the education of everyone, the gifted and the less able, the advantaged and disadvantaged, requires us all to face challenges.


Autumn term assemblies will include the following topics; Humility and Gentleness, World Day of Peace, Autumn Equinox, Black History Month, World Mental Health Day, Compassion and Dignity, Bonfire Night, Anti-bullying Week, Road Safety Week, St. Andrew’s Day, Forgiveness and Mercy, Advent and Christmas.

Please ask you children about what they have been learning during assemblies each week.