Home Learning Year 2 Week 1

Year 2 Parents,

There is no academic emergency this week, don’t be so quick to set up home schooling.  Be aware of your words. I know schools closing is a big inconvenience and brings lots of stress. However, it is effecting your children and their routine too. Our country is in crisis and we are all stressed and tired. Stressed adults can not teach stressed children. Don’t let your child hear you joking you are dreading them being at home. Don’t let them feel like an inconvenience or a burden. You are their world and their safe place. Focus on connections and feelings of safety. Love them and take time to play games and talk to them. Give them grace. They sense your fear and frustration. This is really hard on them too.

Your work pack was handed out on Friday. There is no rush to complete this, take your time throughout the week. Spend time together. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time together learning through cooking, baking, following a recipe, learning to tell the time or tie shoe laces.

Take care of each other.

Missing you all,

Miss Farthing


School Closure Work Pack Year 2