Year 6 Home Learning 18.5.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope this finds you all well. Did you enjoy the SSPP portrait gallery video this week? A new video will be released on Monday and we think you will be amused by this one!

Please find attached the home learning pack for this week. 18.5.20 Year 6 Home Learning Pack. Please send any photos or comments to our class email address ( because we are both missing you and your news.

New additions this week include:

  • IXL tasks based on division.  Remember you can always ask if you need some help.
  • Facebook Live! Mrs Hughes-Harvey will be going live at 2pm next Thursday (21st May) with a shared Limerick write.  No preparation needed.
  • Brand new Duo Lingo tasks.  I know that some of you are becoming experts.
  • A science investigation based on density of liquids.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Greenhead and Mrs Hughes-Harvey

Year 6 Home Learning 11.5.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

We hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend and would love to hear about any VE day celebrations which you took part in at home.  Please send any photos or comments to our class email address ( because we are both missing you and your news.

Please find attached the home learning pack for this week.11.5.20 Year 6 Home Learning Pack.

New additions this week include:

  • Facebook Live! Mrs Hughes-Harvey will be going live at 2pm next Thursday (14th May) with one of her amusing dictations.  There is a list of homophones which needs to be practised and understood in preparation.
  • Additional Times Tables Rock Stars challenges.  Remember you can always challenge us to a rock slam too!
  • Brand new Purple Mash 2Do tasks which have a science focus.  You can still continue with the computing tasks aswell.
  • An English task based on a short film.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Greenhead and Mrs Hughes-Harvey

Year 6 Home Learning 4.5.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find attached the home learning pack for this week.  4.5.20 Year 6 Home Learning Pack

New additions this week include:

  • Times Tables Rock Stars games for those who have completed their gig game.  You can also challenge each other (or teachers) to a rock slam.  If you have not received your log in details then please let ourselves or the office know.
  • A reminder about the SSPP Portrait Gallery. We would like as many children (and SSPP staff) as possible to take part in our ‘big art’ this week. We ask that each child creates a portrait of themselves, in any media, in any form! Further details can be found on class pages, the school FaceBook page or your email inbox.
  • New Purple Mash 2Do tasks linked to e-safety.  It is important that our children are staying safe with the increased amount of time being spent online.
  • A STEM activity related to VE day.  If you cast your minds back to the Autumn Term, I am sure you can recall our World War Two mini adventure.

Remember, we are available on our new class email to submit work or just say hi.  Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Greenhead and Mrs Hughes-Harvey

The ‘Big art@ self-portrait challenge!

The ‘Big art’ self-portrait challenge!

We would like as many children (and SSPP staff) as possible to take part in our ‘big art’ this week. We ask that each child creates a self-portrait of themselves, in any media, in any form!

Once you have created your masterpiece, send a clear photo of just the art  into the class email account. Then, we will work some magic…

  1. Decide what media you will use—paint, leaves, mixed, newspaper, pens etc
  2. Create your piece before Thursday 7th May, 5pm.
  3. Capture a picture of this and email it to your class email address: example
  4. Sit back, wait and watch this space for the magic to happen…

See below for the poster and some ideas…

Cannot wait to see all your faces and designs!

SSPP team

Big art poster – self portraits

Year 6 Home Learning 27.4.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find attached the home learning  pack for the coming week. 27.4.20 Year 6 Home Learning Pack

New additions to this weeks pack include:

  • Our new class email address  You can communicate directly with us using to ask questions about the work set, submit assignments or just to say hi and let us know what you are up to.
  • Times Tables Rock Stars information.  You will receive your log in details on Monday and here is a parents information sheet Parent Guide Times Tables Rock Stars

If you wish to further supplement this learning pack then BBC Bitesize ( and Oak Academy ( have a series of online lessons which you can access daily.  I can also personally recommend Maddie Moate’s daily online science sessions called Let’s Go Live (

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Greenhead and Mrs Hughes-Harvey

Home learning explained letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a school, we have looked at our resources and current availability of software that will support us in continuing the education the best we can for your child. We are understanding of the unique position the whole country is in at this time and want to establish as much normality as possible for our children at SS Peter and Paul. With this in mind, we have created a home learning plan for each class that will specify maths, English, computing, mini-adventure activities and objectives for your child to access and complete whilst at home.

We are utilising current platforms we use, ones that the children have already used and can easily access with a tablet on computer. We have also included written tasks and projects that can be completed if access to electronics is limited.

From Monday 23rd March we shall be uploading the home learning plans onto the website as we normally do with homework. These will be released to parents on a Monday, with weekly activities set. Additionally to this, we will set mini-adventure tasks that can be completed over time and we will release further activities and learning opportunities to you as we understand more on timelines of the closures.

We fully understand that each family will be living through changing dynamics and as such we want to support all children where possible. Do what you can. Work with your children, where you can. Make time for family. Get fresh air where you can. And where the day is a battle, pause and start afresh the next day.

If you have any immediate concerns or trouble with log-ins please contact the office email on: where this can be distributed accordingly to our team. We cannot guarantee response times to these, however will reply as soon as we can.

Keep, safe, look after each other and we look forward to seeing you soon,

SSPP team

Here is a breakdown of what you will find in your home learning guidance:

Lesson/ Platform Activities Timelines and expectations
IXL IXL can be accessed on IPads or computers.

Your child will be allocated key areas to cover.

IXL will be assigned weekly. Please complete what has been set where possible. If your child is finding accessing hard, please feel free to look at other year groups with the same focus. We can check access, attempts and progress remotely and can alter amount set accordingly
Teach your monster to read Reading and phonics activities for EYFS and KS1. KS2 parents can create their own accounts if they feel it appropriate. No timelines for this platform to just be used little and often
Purple mash Purple mash is a computing platform that the children use. There are many wonderful learning opportunities linking all the subjects, including projects across an abundance of topics.

Teachers will assign ‘2do’ activities that are linked to the current learning. This means we as teachers can access remotely what your child has attempted and achieved. Your child can use any of the units, however only the ‘assigned 2dos’ will be monitored and recorded as completed.

There is not time limit set for these tasks, however will add more tasks accordingly as teachers can see what has been completed.
Duolingo Duo lingo is a KS2 platform for languages. We currently teach Spanish. Teachers have assigned activities and lessons for this, where there are helpful pronunciation buttons and fun activities.

The assignments have currently been set for 2 weeks to finish on 10th April. You will then receive further tasks in your weekly plan.

10th April – to be reviewed with a new set of assignments at this point.
Projects Projects will be linked to current learning or from mini-adventures that were planned after Easter. These will look slightly differently in each year so please feel free to adapt if you have two children and the projects can be done together. There are no deadlines for these. On the other hand, it is advisable that the children do some and often.

Once we are back at school, they can bring in their projects/ power points/ photos to share and we will ensure that this work is celebrated and prioritised on return.

Other maths and English activities Writing, reading, phonics and maths activities will be set. It is important that we do not ‘overload’ our children with the amount of screen time they will have so teachers will give guidance on these specific to classes. This will be specified in class home learning plans.
Reading Children need to be reading at least 20 minutes every day. This maybe included within other areas of learning, however we encourage children to be finding opportunity to get lost in a book. They could keep a log, or write a book review of them when they finish. No deadline.


Many of the websites we use as teachers have announced free subscriptions or access for parents of schools in closure.

Below are some great websites that we recommend to Key stage 1 and 2:



BBC bitesize

Classroom secrets (Kids)

BBC supermovers

National geographic for kids

Literacy shed

Outstanding science



Useful websites for Foundation Stage children


Letters and sounds-

Phase 2 Games-

Phase 3 Games-


Jolly Phonics Songs on You Tube

Phase 2 Sounds-

Phase 3 Sounds-

Geraldine the Giraffe (a puppet to read words using phonics). One short programme for each new sound in Phase 2 and 3. Watch on You Tube-

Alphablocks (a BBC children’s show aimed at developing phonics)-



Maths games

Ten ways to help your child with maths-

Numberblocks (a BBC children’s show designed to help development of number)-

The Big Number Song (Helps children count to 100 in 1s)

Count by 2s-

Count by 5s-

Count by 10s-



Year 6 Home Learning Pack

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find attached an electronic copy of the work pack which was sent home today.  I appreciate these are challenging times and really value your support.  Any questions about anything or submissions of English work (typed, scanned or photographed), please send via the school office.

Many thanks

Mrs Greenhead and Mrs Hughes-Harvey

Year 6 Home Learning Pack

Year 6 Home Learning Pack

CGP SPAG Answer Book

CGP Maths Answer Book

CGP Homework Books

Wellbeing Grid for Children

Teach Active Homework Guide for Parents

Film Permission

Dear Parents/ Carers,

As part of our Seven Summits Mini Adventure, we will be watching a film about the consequences of climbing Mount Everest. The film is called ‘Into Thin Air: Death on Everest’ and has a PG rating.  It recreates the disastrous events that took place during the Mount Everest climb on May 10, 1996. Please let me know if you would prefer your child not to watch the film.

Many thanks

Mrs Greenhead