Weekly overview WC 17.5.21

Dear Parents

Year 5 – Weekly overview – 17.5.21

Please see the weekly overview for next week!

The children have finally completed the amazing Viking rune bags, where they have skilled themselves in threading and stitching. The are continuing to explore the historical fiction genre in English, by adding detailed dialogue and the correct insertion of paragraphs into their work, we will continue this further next week. In science we have started looking the the life cycles of a human being and the stages of development.

Hopefully many of you will make it on Wednesday for the book look, weather permitting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

Year 5 Weekly Overview WC 10th May 2021

Please find next weeks overview attached.

The children have had a super week, writing holiday brochures for Scandinavia as part of our Vikings mini adventure, continuing to explore the historical fiction genre in English, through adding dialogue correctly. In Maths children have explored equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages ,as well as having fun during our maths day where we took part in various maths activities.

Year 5 – Weekly overview – 10.5.21

I have attached homework too, as I am aware some are having issues with Teams Log in!

WK 3 7.5.21

Thank you for your ongoing support and please feel free to send me an email if you have any queries or questions.

Have a fab weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

Weekly overview WC 3.5.21

Dear Parents,

Year 5 – Weekly overview – 3.5.21

We’ve had a fab week, launching our new mini adventure, going to Forest school, creating Viking runes and looking at the effects of friction.

Please find next weeks overviews attached.

Can children bring in some fabric cut to size for Tuesday 4th May – details about sizes can be found on the homework sheet.

Have a wonderful (long) weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur