Weekly overview WC 17.5.21

Dear Parents

Year 5 – Weekly overview – 17.5.21

Please see the weekly overview for next week!

The children have finally completed the amazing Viking rune bags, where they have skilled themselves in threading and stitching. The are continuing to explore the historical fiction genre in English, by adding detailed dialogue and the correct insertion of paragraphs into their work, we will continue this further next week. In science we have started looking the the life cycles of a human being and the stages of development.

Hopefully many of you will make it on Wednesday for the book look, weather permitting.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

Year 5 Weekly Overview WC 10th May 2021

Please find next weeks overview attached.

The children have had a super week, writing holiday brochures for Scandinavia as part of our Vikings mini adventure, continuing to explore the historical fiction genre in English, through adding dialogue correctly. In Maths children have explored equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages ,as well as having fun during our maths day where we took part in various maths activities.

Year 5 – Weekly overview – 10.5.21

I have attached homework too, as I am aware some are having issues with Teams Log in!

WK 3 7.5.21

Thank you for your ongoing support and please feel free to send me an email if you have any queries or questions.

Have a fab weekend.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

****Year 5 World Book Day*****

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For World Book Day this year, our school has chosen the theme Beastly Baddies. In year 5, I thought we could find creative ways of being witches and wizards (or any other beastly character from Harry Potter) You could make a hat, wear a costume, do some face painting, or make a mask.

Our class will be celebrating World Book Day on Friday 5th March. We will begin our day with a live assembly sharing our costume creations with one another. I will then be reading some extracts about Beastly Characters from the Harry Potter books, followed by some Viper questions to begin your English work for that day.

Year 5 provision next week

Dear parents and carers,

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Mrs Kaur and her family have suffered a devastating family bereavement this weekend.

As you can imagine, they will need time to be together and support each other, therefore Mrs Kaur will not be in school this coming week or be available to provide feedback to the children working online. We have ensured that there will be an adult supporting the children in school and work will still be set for home learning, however there will be limited pre-recorded sessions to go alongside this. Miss Drake will be running a live session this week and we will let Year 5 know when this will happen so they can join in if they want to.

Our live assemblies that were set to be started this week will be postponed for Year 5 until Mrs Kaur is back and ready to deliver.

I know you will all want to send your prayers and thoughts to her family, however we ask that any queries or urgent emails be sent either to: sspp.year3@taw.org.uk or through the office. Any work completed, please submit in the usual way, we will try to ensure that answers are sent as much as we can for set marking.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in these coming days.

kind regards,

Mrs Wickett

Year 5 voice over lessons

I have just been made aware that for some reason the voice file has not attached to todays home learning. Big apologies. If you need anything explaining please email me. I am not quite sure what has gone wrong there. I have tried to re-attach audio files but it won’t let me.

If you need any assistance with the work, please email me. I am sorry about the technical fault.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

Home learning Monday 14th December

Dear everyone,

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and a really big thank you and well done for all the home learning completed last week.  Attached is home learning for Monday

Lesson Plan:

Monday 14tth Dec plan


14.12.20 English PPT

Vipers The Tyger


14.12.20 Maths PPT

Bronze, Silver and Gold

Maths Ext

Afternoon (Mini Adventure)

Where is Christmas not celebrated

Any issues, please feel free to contact me.

Have a great day

Mrs Kaur

Home Learning Friday 11th December

Homeschool Memes - Funny Remote Learning Memes for 2020 in 2020 |  Homeschool memes, Homeschool, School humor

Thank you for doing a wonderful job!

Please see attached home learning for Friday.

Friday 11th Dec plan


11.12.20 English PPT

WAGOLL Winter Wonderland Poem

Vipers Poetry Road not taken


11.12.20 Maths PPT

Warm Up activity 

Bronze Silver Gold Main activity 

Maths Ext


SCIENCE experiment

Please email work, any questions or queries. Thank you for all your support.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

And just something to make us all chuckle 🙂

Parents struggling with homeschooling during coronavirus lockdown share  hilarious memes as they battle unruly kids


Home learning Thursday 11th December

Dear parents,

Please find home learning attached for Thursday. It follows the same format as our last isolation. Please refer to the Maths and English PPTs attached for the lessons. These are with a voice overs as before. I have tried to add external links to the bottom of slides, so you don’t need to go between the lesson plans and website links.

Any issues or problems, please let me know and I will rectify asap.

Take care

Mrs Kaur

Lesson plan


10.12.20 English PPT

10.12.20 Vipers Budapest


10.12.20 Maths PPT

Bronze, silver and gold Maths Main lesson sheet

Maths Ext


PSHE embracing differences

Home learning for Wednesday 9th December.

Dear parents and children,

I really didn’t think we would would be here again so quickly. Firstly, thank you the wonderful emails and messages of kind thoughts and support, it is easier knowing we are all in this together. I appreciate what a busy time of year it is, and due to the nature of our current mini adventure, home learning should be slightly easier to manage this time. I will keep to the same format as last time.

I will spend tomorrow preparing home learning for the rest of the week, but for now I have attached just a few things to keep the children ticking by tomorrow if you would like to until home learning begins on Thursday.

If you have queries, suggestions or question, please email me. I am always open to suggestions and I am more than happy to help where possible.

Take care and please stay safe.

Kind regards

Mrs Kaur

Christmas Activity Pack English 

Maths and English activity pack 

Maths Mystery activity Pack