Year 4 home learning 4

School Closure Work Pack 4

Dear parents & children,

I hope that you are all staying safe. This is a difficult time, but I hope it will get easier soon. Well done to the children completing work on Purple Mash – I really enjoyed the comparison texts that you had completed about your day and the day in the Iron Age. I can see that those children put a lot of effort and time into it.

I have attached week 4 for you all and the spellings were attached to week 1. Any problems you can contact the office.

Kind regards,

Miss Drake

Home Learning Summer Week 1

Good Morning!

I hope you have all had a wonderful and safe Easter and you haven’t eaten too many chocolates! I am thinking about you all a lot and I’m enjoying seeing all the work that you have been completing on Purple Mash. I have attached this weeks work; there is a range of activities for you to be completing on various subjects. You can use all the resource websites that I sent you before to help you with this weeks work.

Remember to stay safe and stay at home, continue to be helpful around the house and hopefully I will see you all very soon!

P.S: Ensure that you submit the work when you complete your 2do, I can then get this marked for you.

Miss Drake


School Closure Work Pack 3


3 little pigs

Goldilocks into script

jack and beanstalk

red riding hood


Friday Tuesday

Spellings – week 1

Y4 Spelling Term 3a Overview

Week 1- Year 4

School Closure Work Pack

Lesson 1, lesson 2 and lesson 3:

Suggested Resources you can use to support your child:

WAGOLL – Literacy

the_water_cycle the_super_solar_system

Music Resources:

Sound Writing Frames Lined

Sound Fact Cards

Sound Word Grid Cursive A4

Sound Word Search




Sound Word Grid Cursive A4

To support readers:

Jolly phonics –






Year 4 Spellings Summer Term

Test date Spellings
15th May

Prefixes that create negative meanings

dis–: disappoint, disagree, disobey

mis–: misbehave, mislead, misspell, misunderstand

in–: inactive, incorrect

22nd May imagine, increase, important, interested, island

Knowledge, length, library, material,


5th June


mention , minute ,natural ,naughty ,notice

,opposite ,ordinary ,particular, possess(ion) possible

12th June



dangerous,  poisonous,  mountainous, hazardous, perilous, momentous,  scandalous, tremendous, jealous.
19th June


obviously ,enormously, furiously, vigorously, seriously, hideously,  anxiously, nervously, ridiculously.
26th June


regularly, occasionally, possibly, probably, usually,

frequently,  rarely, certainly.

3rd July reluctantly, frantically, awkwardly, curiously, carefully,

obediently,  rapidly, hurriedly, deliberately, unexpectedly, obediently.

10th Whole class assessment week

Year 4 Art and Design

Dear Parents

As part of our Art and Design, we will be experimenting with dip dye and tie dye during our art session on Friday 29th March.  If it is possible, could your child please bring in an old, light coloured (preferably white) t-shirt that they could use to dye for that session. (Please be aware that the dye permanent.)

Thank you

Mrs Kaur