Weekly plan 26.04.2021

Dear all,

Please find the attached planning for next week. Again, PE will be on Wednesday where we will be taking part in cricket. On Tuesday morning, we have Spring Explorers morning. Children will need to come to school in their uniform and a warm coat in case it is cold, they can bring just a change of footwear for going over to Deer Park and school shoes when they return.

Homework has been set up for the children to complete on TEAMs, please note this is due in by Wednesday 28th April!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Drake

Year 4 – Weekly overview – 26.4.21

End of Term and Planning

Wow! we have made it to the end of Spring term 1!

It certainly hasn’t been easy, but I am so proud of the resilience show by all of the children in Year 4! It has been lovely to have had the live lessons and feel like you are with us in the classroom – hopefully it won’t be much longer after half term.

Ready for W/C 22nd February, I have attached the planning for that week. You will notice that there is a change to the usual live lessons. I have some training courses that week and so does Mrs Blakeman so this means that we are out of the classroom. This will only be the first week, then hopefully should resume back to normal. If you do have chance, please look over the planning; you will notice that I have changed the afternoon to be more project based than work. I will be relying on your feedback as to whether this is a positive change.

I do hope that you manage to have a restful half term and I look forward to seeing you all live 22nd February 9am.

Miss Drake

Week 1

Online Learning

As I am at forest school tomorrow, I will not be available to answer any of your questions. I have set independent tasks with the answers, I will mark Tuesday and Wednesday of the starter grids Wednesday.
Wednesday 9am will be a LIVE session, this will be recorded by myself too. I will release the documents that you will need tonight so the children are prepared if you need to print resources etc. I will also use this as an opportunity to give verbal feedback on today’s literacy task, so please keep them safe. It will be nice to share the answers we have and give some further guidance on the expectations in terms of vocabulary and phrases.
If Wednesday goes well, I am hoping to also teach a live maths lesson on Friday morning, 11am.
Any questions, feel free to contact me,
Miss Drake

Online Learning W/C 18.01.2021

This week’s planning will follow in literacy with our new text focus, Varmints (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxD02c2pIsI) and our new mini adventure, ‘Who Pays the Price?’

I hope that you are all well and that the online learning has been accessible. If there are resources that are missing or that you can’t open, let me know on the TEAMs chat and as soon as I can, I will rectify this for you. Please could you remind children that they can share the work that they have completed and their ideas regarding a task in the ‘posts’ section as they wish too. This will be an area where sometimes I will be sharing work that we have completed in class too for the children to see. On Tuesday, I will be at forest school with the class and this means that I will not have access to TEAMs to answer the questions you may have. For this day, I have set SPaG and arithmetic tasks that the children can work through and mark themselves. On Wednesday morning at 9am, I will be delivering a LIVE lesson as part of a trial for the school. There will be a ‘code of conduct’ that you will need to read through with your child so they are aware of the rules and the sessions will be recorded – if you don’t want your child on camera, they can keep this off.

Once again, thank you for your understanding and support.

week 3 planning week 3 flipchartMiss Drake

Online Learning W/C 11.01.2021

Dear children and parents/carers,

First of all, thank you for your supportive messages that you have sent over to me – it has been very much appreciated. I hope you are managing to enjoy the weekend and some of the snow we’ve had.

I have attached the weekly overview for next week. Although this isn’t completed, it will give you an idea of the tasks that will be set. Then, as we move forward, I will update the overview on here and in the class resources on TEAMs.  I know that some of the Publisher documents are not opening in TEAMs so I will PDF these – if I haven’t, do let me know (it is possible I will forget). In addition, if possible, the children could use Word Online, which is free, to complete one or two of their pieces of writing, I can then mark this and sent back. If not, I will try and put the points into the feedback section.

I will also be doing starter grids at the beginning of each lesson (the children are used to these) and spelling practise. These will be uploaded into the class files, so they can be accessed at anytime.

If there is anything else you need or additional guidance, do feel free to contact me on TEAMs or sspp.year4@taw.org.uk. Please be mindful that I am teaching the children in school too so may not be an immediate response.

Kind regards,

Miss Drake

week 2 planning