Home Learning W/C 01.06.2020

Dear All

Please take the time to read this letter from the SSPP Staff Team with regards to the new home learning packs.  Have a good week all!

Home and school learning letter 01-07-2020

Below are the links you will need for this weeks home learning.


Year 1

school and home learning plans Y1 wk beg. 1.6.20Family-Challenge-Friday-24th Lesson-1-Make-doubles-2020 Lesson-2-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2020 Lesson-3-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2020 Lesson-4-Find-a-half-1-2020

Year 2

Year 2 1.6.20 Lesson 1 Answers – The 10 times-table 2019 Lesson 2 Answers – Make equal groups – sharing 2019 Lesson 3 Answers – Make equal groups – grouping 2019 Lesson 4 Answers – Odd and even numbers 2019 Lesson 1 – The 10 times-table 2019 Lesson 2 – Make equal groups – sharing 2019 Lesson 3 – Make equal groups – grouping 2019 Lesson 4 – Odd and even numbers 2019

Year 3

au-sc-2502-make-a-pulley-instructions_ver_10 Home and school learning plans wk 1.6.20 SW Knowledge Organiser Unit 3.7 – Simulations T2-D-095-Lets-Go-Fly-a-Kite-Activity-Sheet-Making-a-Kite time-capsule-sheets-covid-19Lesson 5 – tenths as decimals 2019 Lesson-1-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-2019 Lesson-2-Making-the-whole-2019 Lesson-3-Tenths-2019 Lesson-4-Count-in-tenths-2019Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO1-Make-equal-parts-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO2-Recognise-a-half-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO3-Find-a-half-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO4-Recognise-a-quarter-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO5-Find-a-quarter-2019

Year 4

EDITED Year 4 1.6.20Lesson 1 Answers – Add 2 or more fractions 2019 Lesson 2 Answers – Subtract 2 fractions 2019 Lesson 3 Answers – Fractions of a quantity 2019 Lesson 4 Answers – Calculate quantities 2019 Lesson 1 – Add 2 or more fractions 2019 Lesson 2 – Subtract 2 fractions 2019 Lesson 3 – Fractions of a quantity 2019 Lesson 4 – Calculate quantities 2019 Family-Challenge-Friday-22nd Family-Challenge-Friday-22nd-Answers

Year 5

EDITED Year 5 1.6.20 Lesson 1 – Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers Lesson 2 – Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019 Lesson 3 – Fractions of an amount 2019 Lesson 4 – Fractions as operators 2019 Lesson 1 Answers – Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers Lesson 2 Answers – Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019 Lesson 3 Answers – Fractions of an amount 2019 Lesson 4 Answers – Fractions as operators 2019

Year 6

Lesson-1-Answers-Fractions-to-percentages Lesson-1-Fractions-to-percentages Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-FDP Lesson-2-Equivalent-FDP Lesson-3-Answers-Order-FDP Lesson-3-Order-FDP Lesson-4-Answers-Percentage-of-an-amount Lesson-4-Percentage-of-an-amount Year 6 1.6.20 FINAL

Maths Lesson

This morning, we went over area and perimeter. We found the missing sides to this irregular shapes then I asked children to find the area of the shapes as a home task. I will be live again at 11am to follow on the lesson.

See you there!

18.05.20 Year 4 Home learning Pack


School Closure Work Pack home learning wk 7

Good evening,

Huge well done to all the children that have been working hard – I love seeing your work over the emails. Also, a big well done to the children taking part on the live Facebook lessons- I hope they’re helping.

Hope you’re safe and well.

Miss Drake


Home learning Week 5

Good afternoon,

Below are the attachments you will need for this week. I hope you are all well. Thank you to those children who have been in touch over email (sspp.year4@taw.org.uk) and those that are working hard on Purple mash – it’s lovely to see that you are enjoying the tasks set. This week sees Friday 8th as a bank holiday so I have left that day so you can enjoy it together.

Any questions, feel free to ask away!

have a lovely week.




School Closure Work Pack 5 T2-H-169-Label-a-Celtic-Warrior-Worksheet T2-H-170-Celtic-Warrior-and-Roman-Soldier-Comparison-Worksheet T2-H-4791-The-Iron-Age-Themed-Research-Map Why Prehistoric People Were so Great Home Learning Task

Chapter 4: part one

Good morning Year 4!

I hope you’re all well and staying safe. Chapter 4 is quite long so I have split it into two. There are, if you wish, questions to answer about the part f the chapter read so far. You can answer these with your parents or if you would like too, email them over to me!

Look forward to seeing your answers – I can include these into part two!

Miss Drake

Song of the Dolphin Boy Chapter 4 part one questions

Year 4 home learning 4

School Closure Work Pack 4

Dear parents & children,

I hope that you are all staying safe. This is a difficult time, but I hope it will get easier soon. Well done to the children completing work on Purple Mash – I really enjoyed the comparison texts that you had completed about your day and the day in the Iron Age. I can see that those children put a lot of effort and time into it.

I have attached week 4 for you all and the spellings were attached to week 1. Any problems you can contact the office.

Kind regards,

Miss Drake

Home Learning Summer Week 1

Good Morning!

I hope you have all had a wonderful and safe Easter and you haven’t eaten too many chocolates! I am thinking about you all a lot and I’m enjoying seeing all the work that you have been completing on Purple Mash. I have attached this weeks work; there is a range of activities for you to be completing on various subjects. You can use all the resource websites that I sent you before to help you with this weeks work.

Remember to stay safe and stay at home, continue to be helpful around the house and hopefully I will see you all very soon!

P.S: Ensure that you submit the work when you complete your 2do, I can then get this marked for you.

Miss Drake


School Closure Work Pack 3


3 little pigs

Goldilocks into script

jack and beanstalk

red riding hood


Friday Tuesday

Spellings – week 1

Y4 Spelling Term 3a Overview