Year 3 home learning tasks


Please find below a captured version of the home learning if it is not opening up completely from your devices.

Kind regards,

Mrs Wickett

Good morning!

I hope you are all keeping well and being good for your moms and dads!

I hope you have had an amazing Easter and managed to enjoy your Easter eggs and walks.

Miss you all like mad and cannot wait to see you all again and hear about all the things you have been doing! If you have any projects or things you’d like to share, ask your Mom or Dad to send an email to the office with some photos, you may even get on the newsletter on Friday!

Big hugs,

Mrs Wickett


Non-computer based activities:

Reading Writing Maths

(this may need printing out to read but is not essential)

Monday: Ambush

Wednesday: Delivery Bot

Friday: Chase

Write me a letter telling me all about what you have been up to. Remember to use the layout of a letter:






Yours sincerely,


(Maybe add some drawings or diagrams in your letter too?)

Telling the time – can you make your own timetables for the week? Make your own clock and learn to tell the time!




IXL Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday ·         Multiplication CC.2, CC.3, CC.4
Tuesday ·         Multiplication- true or false? CC.7, CC.8
Wednesday ·         Division DD.1 – DD.3, EE.2, EE.3
Thursday ·         Division DD.4 – DD.5, EE.5
Friday ·         Division EE4, EE6, EE8

Purple Mash These activities have been assigned and can be found in ‘2do’ section.

  Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday Understand the importance of the different parts of a plant Life cycle of a plant – plants
Tuesday Recognise different plants and flowers Flower labelling – plants
Wednesday Know the importance of soil and that it has different layers Soil game – plants
Thursday To understand the process of reproduction of plants including seed dispersal Seed dispersal – writing project
Friday Recall all multiplication and division facts of 2,3,4,6,8 times tables Using 2quiz, make a quiz using your knowledge of multiplication and division. You could write your own problems or try missing numbers/ true or false questions

Spanish: have a go at the songs and sing along – can you make your own actions to remember the words?




Up for a challenge?

What about these; choose 1 or do them all!

Make a… Create a… Conquer a…
Model of anything! Masterpiece of art- as colourful as possible! Fear
Den big enough for 3 people Treasure map with instructions Challenge – tying laces, doing the floss
Sign to thank the NHS and Key workers Workout plan like Joe Wicks does Jigsaw – make sure it’s a hard one!


Year 3 home learning activities – 20.4.20

Morning All!

I hope you all have had a safe and rested Easter. Please find below the home learning for Year 3 starting 20.4.20.

Please remember that you can do other learning apart from this – there is a new website coming Monday on the BBC which provides actual lessons and plans for each age group. However, if you are navigating 2 or 3 children from different age groups, try doing a project together that engages all the children don’t attempt to do 3 different versions of home learning at once- for your sanity!

Year 3 School Closure Work Pack – week commencing 20.4.20

I have also attached a link for spelling activities we would have completed at school and the spelling pattern for this week. If your child is working towards Y3 objectives or they struggle with spelling then access TWINKL website and look for the Year 2 spelling objectives. They are the same packs as the link below, however covers the Y2 expectations.

Spelling activities for Summer 1 Year 3 spellings:

Week 1: ‘ary’











If you have any queries or you would like to send any projects or photos to us, please email the office email and these will be forwarded to us accordingly.

Kind regards,

Mrs Wickett 🙂

Home learning pack Year 3 week commencing 23.3.20

Year 3 Work Pack

At school we use a variety of online programmes to support the children in their learning.  Below are the different logins and passwords for your child:

Welcome to Year 3 home learning!

Please find below computer based activities that have been assigned for the week. There are also hand-written or break away activities set.


Pupils are expected to still access and complete learning at home where possible. I have planned carefully so that the sequences given each week align with what we would have been learning. Whilst these activities are slimmed down for obvious reasons, they will give your child a focus.


Attached to this first pack are other documents, access passwords etc to other platforms such as duolingo for languages.


We shall endeavour to upload weekly plans and activities on a Sunday/ Monday onto the website so please ensure you have access to the Year 3 news and homework pages.


Take care, keep safe and we will see you soon!

Mrs Wickett




Non-computer based activities:

Reading Writing Maths
The happy hunter and the skilful fisher comprehension Write a short story on your favourite book or make up your own.

Or Make your own comic strips!

Top marks – hit the button


Read a book and write a book review – templates available online Create a non- chronological report on endangered animals

National geographic kids is great for facts!

Nrich – maths challenges

Classroom secrets also has free resources available at the moment

IXL – Maths programme

  Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday ·         Counting and properties of number

·         Division/ multiplication

A.1 – A.5


EE.3 – EE.4

Tuesday ·         Counting and properties of number

·         Division/ multiplication

A.6 – A.10


EE.5 – EE.6

Wednesday ·         Counting and properties of number

·         Division/ multiplication

A.11 – A.15


EE.7 – EE.8

Thursday ·         Counting and properties of number

·         Guess the number

A.16 – A.17



Friday ·         Patterns

·         Telling the time

D.1- D.5

Purple Mash These activities have been assigned and can be found in ‘2do’ section.

  Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday To understand the lifecycle of habitats and how one animal impacts another Follow the ‘2do’ activities set.

Food chains

Tuesday To know how to classify animals Herbivores/ carnivores
Wednesday Science – to understand the importance of skeletons and joints All about skeletons/ describing joints


Thursday To create an algorithm Fun with fish –coding

Create your own underwater game

Friday To create an algorithm Splat bug – coding

Create your own game




Over the next two weeks:

Our mini-adventure is going to be ‘The big breakfast!’

I would like the children to complete a topic based on:

  • Food and healthy diets
  • Cooking and preparing different foods
  • Growing their own plants
  • How plants grow

Things they could include:

  • Plan a menu, prepare and cook (with adult support) a breakfast for the family
  • Create a factfile on how plants and flowers grow
  • Grow your own seeds
  • Make a healthy plate with all the food groups
  • Write a set of instructions on how to make….

Take lots of photos and document what you make to share when we return!

Suggested Resources you can use to support your child:

  • Twinkl are allowing free access for parents
  • BBC bitesize
  • BBC supermovers! (We love this one – songs for everything!)


If your child has a keen interest in something we have not learned, why not create a project to share with the class? All knowledge is golden, so if they want to know more, we are happy to take their lead in their learning.


Also attached to this weeks starter pack:

  • Y3 and 4 common exception words your child could practice, make a word search, or write into sentences.
  • Some useful tips of wellbeing activities
  • Reading questions to check your child’s comprehension
  • Multiplication square
  • Number square



Welcome back Year 3

Welcome back!

I hope the children enjoyed the first part week back and you are all having a relaxed weekend.

The children have been brilliant and settled in quickly to all the fun, magic and mystery!

Just a few mentions to get us started…

All the children have chosen their reading books and have had their diaries handed out. Please encourage your child to read a few times a week (although this doesn’t need to be their reading book every time). We will be reviewing the children’s book bands over the next couple of weeks.

As a school we have reviewed ‘homework’ and we will be sending out the new policy and guidance on this next week. First week of homework will be handed out next Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday.

PE is currently Wednesdays and Fridays so please make sure kit is in school these days. Any piercings need to be covered by plasters by your child as we are not allowed to remove or cover.

Water bottles are out in class to be used all day- please make sure your child has a water bottle even if they are school dinners please.

Next week, you will find the Year 3 page updated with some useful interactive games. Please let me know if you find an app or website that is useful to your child as I will share this on our platform.

If you have any questions or queries, I am always available at the end of the day. You can also email the office or pop into the office to arrange an appointment if you need to discuss anything in private.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Mrs Wickett


Year 3 pillow cases and Egyptian exhibition

Evening All,

I am looking forward to seeing all the projects next week, amazing efforts so far!

Next week we will be designing and making an Egyptian fashion show and need white/ cream pillow cases please. If you have any spare white sheets, gold beading/ egyptianesque’ clothing decor etc that you don’t want back we would really appreciate the donations! The more pillow cases the better as we will be exploring the hierarchy of society. (Just to clarify, the material itself does not need to be Egyptian cotton- polyester is fine 🙂 )


On Thursday 11th July, Year 3 will be opening the doors for a one time only egyptian exhibition! You will receive your ‘invitations’ next week for the children.

It will start at 3pm and you will come through the main entrance to sign in before being escorted by the pharaohs guards to the exhibition!

As always, thank you for the continued support.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 homework

Friday 7th June 2019


(Due Wednesday 26th June2019)


Spellings: Continue to practice your spellings. You should be on the week 4 ‘word families based on common words)

Maths: Practice your times tables (Super movers songs- BBC, times tables rock stars etc.)


Over the next few weeks we will be on our mini-adventure of ‘Epic Egyptians!’

  • Homework can be anything you are interested in. here are a few ideas!
  • Create a fact file/ discovery book on the Egyptians
  • Build a shaduf
  • Make a pyramid and explain which tomb it holds
  • Design Egyptian clothing outfits
  • Find out about farming in Egyptian times
  • Make an Egyptian game ‘Senet’
  • Create an Egyptian quiz using powerpoint

Or anything else you fancy!

Bring in your projects as and when you complete them… you can do more than one!

They will be on display outside our classroom J


Many thanks for your continued support,


Mrs Wickett

Homework – Year 3

Friday 5th April 2019


(Due Wednesday 10th April)


Spellings: please see the spellings that have been stuck into your books.


5.4.19 – Link to word document for homework

We are having an ‘egg-cellent’ competition for homework this week. Get creative with a hardboiled egg! Decorate them in any way you wish, link it to any of our learning this term, your favourite movie or a famous person you are inspired by. Prizes for the most creative ideas.

Maths: Keep practising reading the time – both analogue and digital. Keep up the reciting of your timestables.

Games to play online:

Timestables rockstars (subscription needed but great website!)


Mrs Wickett

Year 3 Homework

Friday 22nd March 2019


(Due Wednesday 27th March)


Spellings: New spelling sheet for this week – please see the spellings that have been stuck into your books.


English: Read the Newspaper report or get an adult to read it to you. Answer the questions about the information. The questions are split into groups so select which group you want to do. Do all of them if you are feeling confident!

Maths: Over the last few weeks we have been looking at shapes and statistics. I have given you 2 pages to complete, however select the strip of questions you want to do for each focus.

Keep learning those times tables! Super movers actions are coming along nicely! J

Mrs Wickett