Year 3 – weekly overview

Please find attached the weekly overview for next week.

We will be carrying out some assessments in maths and reading over the week, in-between their mini-adventure learning. We have had a great start to rounding up or down to the nearest 10 today!

Please note that our PE day has changed from Thursday to Wednesday so please send your child into school on WEDNESDAY in PE kit.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 – Weekly overview – 15.3.21

Year 3 homework 4.12.20

Dear Parents,

Please find attached the last Autumn term homework. As you will be aware, there are no group spellings this week as the pattern we are developing and embedding is adding ‘ed’ and ‘ing’ along with doubling the consonant (trim – trimming/ stop – stopping)

This will benefit all the children, so I encourage them to research and develop their understanding of when to double and when not to… This is something we shall be working on everyday next week in addition to them doing the homework.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 4.12.20 Autumn 2 Homework

Year 3 Homework – 27.11.20

Apologies for not sending some of the homework books out tonight, please find below the homework. Your child should know which ‘star’ they are, however if you would like to wait till Monday to receive the homework book, I will move homework deadline to next Friday this week.

You should have received your child’s interim report today, which we have written in replace of our normal parent meeting consultations this term. If you have any concerns, queries or general feedback on the report, please feel free to email myself on the class email:

Hopefully, we will be able to meet face to face in Spring!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 27.11.20 Autumn 2 Homework

Year 3 homework 20.11.20

This week has been another fabulous success!

We have been artists on a journey and have visited the Sistine chapel, then recreated our own wonderful art in our sketchbooks!

As we delved to the centre of the Earth, we have learnt about the soils we would find, investigating and observing how soils are different. Thank you to Max’s Dad for all his help and for the samples! We may have also uncovered some fossils as we ventured down and learnt how fossils are formed.

In Maths we have been working on basic skills and key facts alongside our money, finding change and problem solving.

In English, we have finished another journey from Aaron Becker and next week will be taking our last footsteps through the magical kingdom in ‘Return’ the final sequence in our trilogy.

We are into our final 3 ‘journey to’s’ now:

Journey to the biggest magnet in the world

Journey through Newport

Journey on Polar Express

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 20.11.20 Autumn 2 Homework

Year 3 Homework 16.10.20

Year 3 16.10.20 Autumn 1 Homework

word maps – spider diagrams 16.10.20

This week has been another brilliant week! I have really started to notice the stamina building in many of the children and they are really trying hard.


We have continued to work on multiplication this week.

Some children are working on “groups of” objects and amounts from the Year 2 syllabus. We have also revised our 5 timestables out of order and knowing the division alternative. Some children are continuing into the Year 3 objectives with timestables of 3’s, 8’s and 4’s while some have mastered this and now applying their knowledge in problem solving and missing number challenges.

In English, we have been learning how to use and create non-chronological reports. We have written about pandas, prehistoric beasts, significant people from black history month and the Bronze Age.

Some children are stick mastering Y1 objectives with spelling, sounds and punctuation. Most children are working within Year 2 writing objectives and need to refine these whilst starting to be introduced to Year 3 objectives such as paragraphing, fronted adverbials and starting sentences differently. We are also working hard on handwriting and spelling here in a year 3 with daily practice.

Our mini adventure has led us to the Bronze Age where we have been looking at the main differences between the eras. Looking at how evidence and fossils tell us about the past, we dissected our own coprolites and discussed how we knew they were from the Bronze Age.

We have also been looking at baptism and godparents. Thank you so much for your wonderful pictures- the children were so excited to share their posters and experiences!

I look forward to our last week being filled with lots more fun and learning opportunities!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Wickett

Homework Year 3 – 9.10.20

Another week has passed by so quickly!

We have had an amazing week at Explorer morning and Forest school.

We have made Stone age trousers and written some very detailed instructions which have been presented beautifully! We have also been learning timestables songs from the BBC super movers catalogue… very catchy if you want a listen!

Have a great weekend.

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 9.10.20 Autumn 1 Homework

Homework for Year 3 – 2.10.20

What an amazing week we have had!

As artists, we have sketched and created pastel silhouettes of stone Henge and made a Stone Age village, looking at key features of the homes from around that era.

As scientists, we have been investigating and observing rocks and answering questions such as “which rock was best for a Stone Age axe?” And “which materials made the best roundhouse?” It’s been lovely to see all the fossils and rocks the children have been bringing in to share- true scientists in the making!

As mathematicians, we have been conquering subtraction in different forms including number lines, column method, exchanging column method and problem solving.

As writers and techies, we are continuing to explore instructional texts and algorithms- the children are SO much better at coding than me!

Next week, we have our explorer morning at Deer Park where we study the park and the ages of some of the trees. We are also in our first cycle of forest school on Thursday (which you should have received groupings and a letter about). Under our current risk assessment we should be minimalizing changing of clothes etc, therefore as long as it is dry, the children can stay in their clothes in the afternoon. The children wear waterproof clothes anyway and it won’t be a typical forest day mud bath! Please just get your child to bring a spare pair of shoes/ trainers with them. If it forecasts bad weather over the weekend, Miss Staniforth or myself will message an update suggesting an alternative – which may will be uniform to change into.

PE will be happening as usual on Thursday so for children that are not going to forest school, please attend in PE kit. A gentle reminder that we ask that children with earrings have these removed before school, as plasters over the top do not protect them from being caught.

Homework this week takes the usual format. I thought I would take this time to reiterate a couple of areas that may be confusing:

Reading at home

As a school we are ensuring that all stringent measures are in place, therefore we will be aiming to change children’s books twice a week. This is because the books that children have need to be set aside for 72hours and unfortunately we do not have an endless supply of all the phonic/ book-banded books. Please feel free to read books from home if your child has finished their book. Before they change the book, we always check they have read and understood the story/ features. Reading is definitely a marathon not a sprint and we want to harness and breed a love of learning, read away what they love in addition to their school allocated book.


Every week, we will complete a spelling quiz in the children’s homework book. The children are given dictated sentences and the aim is to spell their word right and complete the sentence. It’s not about the 10/10. We want children to remember the spellings and apply them in their whole writing. Sometimes, where children need further support or we feel they would benefit a different style of assessment they may be taken to play a game or complete something else. Rest assured, the spellings are still checked, everyday when they practice them on coming into school and also in their writing as it’s live marked.

The children will get quicker at dictation and more confident, so please don’t worry about low scores (or high scores) as it’s only a snippet of how we assess if they are retaining the spelling and spelling pattern.

In their homework book, it would be helpful if the children practised their spellings in full sentences at least 3 times per week. This reinforces what we are doing in class and also gives them opportunity to revise punctuation and handwriting skills.

The homework sheet saved on the website has three levels. Your child will have received their focus sheet in their homework book. If you are not sure which level your child is working on, please contact me. The spellings are pitched at what the children do and retain for their writing, therefore please do not worry if your child moves between levels in different weeks.

It is such a tricky time not being able to just “grab you” as parents or indeed you just popping in to ask something. Please know you can email myself and the Year 3 team at any point on

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 2.10.20 Autumn 1 Homework

word maps – spider diagrams 2.10.20

Clay stone houses art

Homework – Year 3 week commencing 18.9.20

Good morning!

vocabulary 6 word map – spider diagrams 20.9.19 example

vocabulary 6 word mat – spider diagrams 18.9.20 children’s version

Year 3 18.9.20 Autumn 1 Homework

kirfs – Year 2 and 3

The children have had a wonderful time this week launching our new mini-adventure ‘Stone age to Bronze age’. We became archaeologists, looking at and studying artefacts and making our own stone age axes. They are excited about learning all about life in these era’s and have come up with their own questions they would like answering. I cannot wait for next week!

Over the last couple of weeks in maths, we have been learning about place value, addition and subtraction. As the children missed so much of last year, we are always looking at gaps in learning, filling them, before applying the year 3 curriculum. Next week we continue our maths journey in addition and subtraction. We also start every lesson with rapid recall. This could be times tables, doubling numbers, number bonds to 20/ 100 or fact families. I have attached the Year 2 and 3 KIRF’s we follow for you to look at.

IXL is now up and running. The children can use their old log-ins from last year as these have transferred. As the children are in very different stages of their maths journey, please have a focus of place value but move around the Y1/ Y2/Y3 and Y4 objectives to where your child is currently most comfortable.

In English, we have been reading the Stone Age boy and writing diaries. The children have already improved in how much they are writing and their handwriting is ever improving also! Spelling will be a key focus as many of the common exception words are needing to be recapped before we start on the Year 2 summer spelling focus areas.

Children can change their reading books twice a week as we have to quarantine the books coming back in. If your child has completed their reading book and can tell you the story or facts from it, then please feel free to read a story from home and add this to their diary. I actively encourage them reading lots of different books from home, as the more they read, the better they write. We will be beginning bench marking this coming week and will inform you in their reading diaries if they have moved book band colour.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about your child.

Next week I shall add some photos of our adventure journey so far!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs wickett


Home learning Year 3

We did it!

As we enter into our final week of home learning, I would just like to thank you for all the hard work, patience and resilience you have endured during these strange 4 months! For those that have sent me their work – it truly has made my week and whilst I may not have been able to reply consistently with being in school aswell, I want you to know how proud I am!

For those that have taken time to breathe, enjoy family time and ‘do a little different’, good for you. We will never get this time back, and although it has been worrying and manic at times, those long walks, home for dinner every night opportunities are priceless.

On behalf of myself and all the other adults in school, I would just like to say how excited we are for September. Normality (ish), full classrooms, laughing and learning has been missed and we are itching to make your return a safe, happy and relaxed one.

Continue to make memories and have a lovely summer.

Mrs Wickett 🙂

Year 3 13.7.20 planning

Resources to support the learning:


Teachers school report by pupils of SSPP

Writing resources and templates Monday and Tuesday


Year-3-Week-4 video links


Lesson 1 The 4 and 8 times-tables 2019

Lesson 2 Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019

Lesson 3 Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019

Lesson 4 Scaling 2019


Lesson 1 Answers The 4 and 8 times-tables 2019 Lesson 2 Answers Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019 Lesson 3 Answers Divide 2-digits by 1-digit (2) 2019 Lesson 4 Answers Scaling 2019

If you do need anything over the summer, the class email will be checked occasionally.