Home Learning W/C 01.06.2020

Dear All

Please take the time to read this letter from the SSPP Staff Team with regards to the new home learning packs.  Have a good week all!

Home and school learning letter 01-07-2020

Below are the links you will need for this weeks home learning.


Year 1

school and home learning plans Y1 wk beg. 1.6.20Family-Challenge-Friday-24th Lesson-1-Make-doubles-2020 Lesson-2-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2020 Lesson-3-Make-equal-groups-sharing-2020 Lesson-4-Find-a-half-1-2020

Year 2

Year 2 1.6.20 Lesson 1 Answers – The 10 times-table 2019 Lesson 2 Answers – Make equal groups – sharing 2019 Lesson 3 Answers – Make equal groups – grouping 2019 Lesson 4 Answers – Odd and even numbers 2019 Lesson 1 – The 10 times-table 2019 Lesson 2 – Make equal groups – sharing 2019 Lesson 3 – Make equal groups – grouping 2019 Lesson 4 – Odd and even numbers 2019

Year 3

au-sc-2502-make-a-pulley-instructions_ver_10 Home and school learning plans wk 1.6.20 SW Knowledge Organiser Unit 3.7 – Simulations T2-D-095-Lets-Go-Fly-a-Kite-Activity-Sheet-Making-a-Kite time-capsule-sheets-covid-19Lesson 5 – tenths as decimals 2019 Lesson-1-Unit-and-non-unit-fractions-2019 Lesson-2-Making-the-whole-2019 Lesson-3-Tenths-2019 Lesson-4-Count-in-tenths-2019Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO1-Make-equal-parts-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO2-Recognise-a-half-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO3-Find-a-half-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO4-Recognise-a-quarter-2019 Y2-Spring-Block-4-WO5-Find-a-quarter-2019

Year 4

EDITED Year 4 1.6.20Lesson 1 Answers – Add 2 or more fractions 2019 Lesson 2 Answers – Subtract 2 fractions 2019 Lesson 3 Answers – Fractions of a quantity 2019 Lesson 4 Answers – Calculate quantities 2019 Lesson 1 – Add 2 or more fractions 2019 Lesson 2 – Subtract 2 fractions 2019 Lesson 3 – Fractions of a quantity 2019 Lesson 4 – Calculate quantities 2019 Family-Challenge-Friday-22nd Family-Challenge-Friday-22nd-Answers

Year 5

EDITED Year 5 1.6.20 Lesson 1 – Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers Lesson 2 – Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019 Lesson 3 – Fractions of an amount 2019 Lesson 4 – Fractions as operators 2019 Lesson 1 Answers – Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by integers Lesson 2 Answers – Multiply mixed numbers by integers 2019 Lesson 3 Answers – Fractions of an amount 2019 Lesson 4 Answers – Fractions as operators 2019

Year 6

Lesson-1-Answers-Fractions-to-percentages Lesson-1-Fractions-to-percentages Lesson-2-Answers-Equivalent-FDP Lesson-2-Equivalent-FDP Lesson-3-Answers-Order-FDP Lesson-3-Order-FDP Lesson-4-Answers-Percentage-of-an-amount Lesson-4-Percentage-of-an-amount Year 6 1.6.20 FINAL

Charlie Small – part 4

Afternoon all,

Please find below the link for Part 4 of Charlie Small!

The task for you is to design and imagine your own discovered creature. As it has been discovered by you, you can name it aswell! Think about your animals behaviours, what it eats, is it a mixture of all your favourite animals?

Also, start to think about what happens next- will Charlie and the rhino be able to escape the next hideous beast!?

Mrs Wickett 🙂

White Rose maths worksheets

Morning all,

Apologies, but I was informed by a couple of parents that the worksheets for the maths were no longer available. The school has rectified this by purchasing a subscription. Please find attached the worksheets (and answers for the adults) for the sessions of this week. These are in colour, so it maybe you could print in black and white and have the worksheet on the laptop/ ipad if the colour is important.

Happy learning!

Mrs Wickett 🙂

Lesson-1-The-4-and-8-times-tables-2019                                                              Lesson-2-Multiply-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019                                                           Lesson-3-Divide-2-digits-by-1-digit-2-2019






Year 3 Home learning tasks 18.5.20

Morning All,

Please find attached this weeks home learning. Thank you for all your wonderful rhinos, maps, drawings and answers to the Charlie Small questions!! 🙂

Year 3 School Closure Work Pack – week commencing 18.5.20

Below are this weeks spellings if you are following and practising:


Word families based on
common words, showing
how words are related in
form and meaning:


Charlie Small – Part 3 and questions

Please find below the next part of Charlie Smalls adventures. I have also included some questions which you can have a go at! You could even draw me some pictures and annotations of what he may encounter next!

  • What does ‘lumbered’ mean? The rhino lumbered across the savannah…
  • Why do you think Charlies mom repeats herself?
  • Can you find how Charlie describes the spider as he spins the web for him? (Clue: P37)
  • What or who do you think Charlie will encounter when he spends his first night under the stars?
  • Will he be in danger, and if so, what could be lurking?

Have a great weekend!


Mrs Wickett

Year 3 Home learning tasks: 11.5.20

Good morning,

Please find below this weeks home learning activities.

As always, please feel free to send me your learning on sspp.year3@taw.org.uk

Have a great week!

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 School Closure Work Pack – week commencing 11.5.20

Spelling activities for this week:


Word families based on
common words, showing
how words are related in
form and meaning


Year 3 home learning tasks for 4.5.20

Hope you are all well and looking forward to a warmer and drier week…

Please find below the link for this weeks learning activities and tasks. Please remember to get the children’s self portrait sent into the class email by Thursday 7th May. We want as many as possible – hopefully the whole school!

As always, please send any work, projects, photos or emails of the learning to SSPP.year3.taw.org.uk

Year 3 School Closure Work Pack – week commencing 4.5.20

Spellings activities and link for this week

Words with a short /u/ sound spelt with ‘ou’













Some great resources and links for your VE day activities this week:





Have a great week,


Mrs Wickett 🙂

Year 3 Home learning – 27.4.20


Please find below the home learning for the week commencing 27.4.20.

Year 3 School Closure Work Pack – week commencing 27.4.20

Spellings for this week: (link for resources: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t2-e-4461-year-3-term-3a-week-2-spelling-pack )

Words with a short /u/
sound spelt with ‘o’


Please feel free to email me with any learning or messages on: sspp.year3@taw.org.uk

Stay safe,

Mrs Wickett

Year 3 home learning tasks


Please find below a captured version of the home learning if it is not opening up completely from your devices.

Kind regards,

Mrs Wickett

Good morning!

I hope you are all keeping well and being good for your moms and dads!

I hope you have had an amazing Easter and managed to enjoy your Easter eggs and walks.

Miss you all like mad and cannot wait to see you all again and hear about all the things you have been doing! If you have any projects or things you’d like to share, ask your Mom or Dad to send an email to the office with some photos, you may even get on the newsletter on Friday!

Big hugs,

Mrs Wickett


Non-computer based activities:

Reading Writing Maths

(this may need printing out to read but is not essential)

Monday: Ambush

Wednesday: Delivery Bot

Friday: Chase

Write me a letter telling me all about what you have been up to. Remember to use the layout of a letter:






Yours sincerely,


(Maybe add some drawings or diagrams in your letter too?)

Telling the time – can you make your own timetables for the week? Make your own clock and learn to tell the time!




IXL Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday ·         Multiplication CC.2, CC.3, CC.4
Tuesday ·         Multiplication- true or false? CC.7, CC.8
Wednesday ·         Division DD.1 – DD.3, EE.2, EE.3
Thursday ·         Division DD.4 – DD.5, EE.5
Friday ·         Division EE4, EE6, EE8

Purple Mash These activities have been assigned and can be found in ‘2do’ section.

  Learning Objective Online Activities
Monday Understand the importance of the different parts of a plant Life cycle of a plant – plants
Tuesday Recognise different plants and flowers Flower labelling – plants
Wednesday Know the importance of soil and that it has different layers Soil game – plants
Thursday To understand the process of reproduction of plants including seed dispersal Seed dispersal – writing project
Friday Recall all multiplication and division facts of 2,3,4,6,8 times tables Using 2quiz, make a quiz using your knowledge of multiplication and division. You could write your own problems or try missing numbers/ true or false questions

Spanish: have a go at the songs and sing along – can you make your own actions to remember the words?







Up for a challenge?

What about these; choose 1 or do them all!

Make a… Create a… Conquer a…
Model of anything! Masterpiece of art- as colourful as possible! Fear
Den big enough for 3 people Treasure map with instructions Challenge – tying laces, doing the floss
Sign to thank the NHS and Key workers Workout plan like Joe Wicks does Jigsaw – make sure it’s a hard one!


Year 3 home learning activities – 20.4.20

Morning All!

I hope you all have had a safe and rested Easter. Please find below the home learning for Year 3 starting 20.4.20.

Please remember that you can do other learning apart from this – there is a new website coming Monday on the BBC which provides actual lessons and plans for each age group. However, if you are navigating 2 or 3 children from different age groups, try doing a project together that engages all the children don’t attempt to do 3 different versions of home learning at once- for your sanity!

Year 3 School Closure Work Pack – week commencing 20.4.20

I have also attached a link for spelling activities we would have completed at school and the spelling pattern for this week. If your child is working towards Y3 objectives or they struggle with spelling then access TWINKL website and look for the Year 2 spelling objectives. They are the same packs as the link below, however covers the Y2 expectations.

Spelling activities for Summer 1 Year 3 spellings:


Week 1: ‘ary’











If you have any queries or you would like to send any projects or photos to us, please email the office email and these will be forwarded to us accordingly.

Kind regards,

Mrs Wickett 🙂