Newsletter 30.1.21

What a lovely week we have had! From bar models and inverse in maths to writing the start of a story in English.  In science we have begun to look at plants and what they need to grow and in art we explored different media by printing with shells.  For RE we continue to learn about the Eastertide and in geography we have explored the UK and its surrounding seas ready top continue our mini adventure.

As part of this mini-adventure we will be looking at the seaside/holidays past and present – If you should have any photos of the children on a holiday/beach/resort/day out  and wouldn’t mind scanning a copy over this would really helpful.

Finally, you will notice I have sent the homework books home – these DO NOT need to be returned to school, they are for the children to complete their homework in at home. I am hoping it will continue to encourage them to concentrate on their handwriting and spelling as it is in a school book.  Please continue to take a photo of the work and send it in via teams.  Should anyone require a paper copy of the homework please do not hesitate to get in touch..

Have a lovely, long weekend and I look forward to seeing you all back in school on Tuesday.

Take care

Mrs Steventon

week 2