Hi Reception class, parents and carers,

I hope you had a lovely half term break and were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Things are going to be a little different this month as some of you will be returning to school whilst others remain at home. Being at school may seem very different as we will not be all together but split into 2 groups. We will all be doing roughly the same learning though. For children at home, I will continue to post home learning challenges and link them to our theme which for this half term is Flying High!  At school I will be working closely with Mrs Steventon to provide the same opportunities for both reception groups.

I would suggest that families at home continue watching the DfE daily phonics lessons and try to listen to your child read each day and encourage them to use their phonics to practise writing words and sentences daily.

For maths, the school has subscribed to White Rose. This maths website does not have daily maths lessons and linked worksheets for foundation stage children but does have some lovely maths activities which link to stories aimed at reception children. I will continue to provide additional maths challenges for home learners each week also.

I have put a copy of the EYFS early learning goals in the homework section of our class page. These are the goals that most children will achieve by the end of the summer in reception class. Not every child will meet these goals, and some might exceed them. Wherever your child is in their learning rest assured that when they return to school, we will continue their learning from the point they are at and they will not miss out on anything.

You can still reach me on our class email address – sspp.yearr@taw.org.uk if you have any questions or if the children at home want to share their learning with me.

I look forward to seeing some of you tomorrow and hope that the whole class will be back together soon.

Mrs Johnson 😊

Home Learning w/b 18/05/20

Hi Reception Class!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. I have loved seeing all of the robots you have been inventing and hearing about all the other activities you’ve been doing at home. Well done everyone for working so hard (grown ups too!)

The picture is a clue to this week’s homework  – do you know what these creatures are?

Click on our homework section to see if you are right!

Have a fun week,

Mrs Johnson


Home Learning w/b 11/05/20


Hi Reception class!

I have really enjoyed reading all of the lovely emails you have sent this week – you are all so busy! We have had some super suggestions for names for the baby stick insects too – Sepron, Branch, Kipper, Chip, Sticky, biff and Hedgie.

For home learning this week we have a maths challenge all about estimating numbers, we have talked at school about how an estimate is a good (sensible) guess. please encourage your children to write down their estimates to help develop their numeral formation skills.

There are also some well being activities linked to music , specifically how music can make us feel happy.

In our work about marvellous machines we are looking at robots this week and there is a story to listen to, finger puppets to make and a robot writing frame as well as a sheet to design a robot on.

Have a great week – miss you all,

Mrs Johnson


Special visitors!

Look what’s happened! 🙂

Some of our stick insects have finally hatched!
They are getting bigger each day and are very fast! I am looking after them until we are all back together again, hope you’re all okay and are keeping safe 🙂  We will keep you posted on how they are doing.

There are 6 insects so far, If you can think of any names to name our class pets, email them to our class email, we would leave to hear what you’ve said!!

Miss Mac


Home Learning w/b 04/05/20

Hi Reception class,

I hope you have all had a great week. Thank you for all of the lovely emails you have sent me showing me what you have been doing at home, you have all been so busy!

A big well done to the grown-ups too for providing such wonderful learning opportunities for your children during this difficult time.

Home learning activities this week include a maths challenge all about money and some activities linked to the 75th anniversary of VE day which we are celebrating on Friday 8th May. Cosford RAF museum is having a virtual celebration that day including a swing dance class and a sing along concert which sounds fun. I have also included a scavenger hunt for you to do next time you go on a walk. I wonder if you can find everything on the list!

Don’t forget to send a photo of your self portrait to our class email address sspp.yearr@taw.org.uk .

Remember to stay safe- Miss Mac and I miss you all very much!

Mrs Johnson.

The ‘Big art@ self-portrait challenge!

The ‘Big art’ self-portrait challenge!

We would like as many children (and SSPP staff) as possible to take part in our ‘big art’ this week. We ask that each child creates a self-portrait of themselves, in any media, in any form!

Once you have created your masterpiece, send a clear photo of just the art  into the class email account. Then, we will work some magic…

  1. Decide what media you will use—paint, leaves, mixed, newspaper, pens etc
  2. Create your piece before Thursday 7th May, 5pm.
  3. Capture a picture of this and email it to your class email address: example sspp.year3@taw.org.uk
  4. Sit back, wait and watch this space for the magic to happen…

See below for the poster and some ideas…

Cannot wait to see all your faces and designs!

SSPP team

Big art poster – self portraits

Home learning w/b 27/04/20

Hi Reception class,

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine.

In the homework section of our class page I have put some links to this weeks maths challenge where we are going to start recognising and describing common 3D shapes. The ones we learn about at school are sphere, cylinder, cone, cube and cuboid. We talk about how these are solid shapes, not flat like the 2D shapes such as circle, triangle and square. To describe the shapes we talk about the number of faces each shape has and if the edges of the shape are curved or straight.

I have also included a new tangram picture for the children to make with their pieces.

For week 2 of our work on marvellous machines I have set the children a construction challenge, see the homework section for more details. I have also uploaded a video of myself reading a story for the children which I hope they enjoy!


The Department of Education is starting daily letters and sounds phonics lessons from Monday. There is a new reception lesson at 10.00 am each day but this can be downloaded at anytime. All of the children would benefit from these lessons to help them review sounds we have already covered. If your child is still having a little difficulty with blending sounds together to read words there are special blending lessons at 11.00 am each day too. Details of how to access these lessons have already been put on our class page.

We also now have our own class email. I would love to hear how the children are getting on and am happy to answer any questions you have and give support.

The address is sspp.yearr@taw.org.uk

I hope to hear from you soon.

Mrs Johnson