Home Learning w/b 13/07/20

Hi Reception children at home. We have gone dotty this week with a whole school theme about dots and transition.

Here is a story for your children to listen to at home called Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews:


Encourage your child to think of different things they could make with 10 black dots.

Here is a template so that they can make their own 10 black dot book:

Ten black dots make your own book printable

some other dotty activites to try at home are:


arranging dots- maths



We are also completing some transition activites to give to Mrs Oakes when the children go into year 1 in September. If you would like to complete these at home your child can give them to Mrs Oakes when they come back to school:

Mrs-mactivity_End-of-year_transition-jigsaw_Large (1)


We are also having a socially distanced sports day at school on Thursday. If you would like to join in at home Mrs Greenhead has prepared this for you:

Sports Day at Home

Videos for how to do each activity can be found here





Home Learning w/b 06/07/20

This week our story is Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. You can watch an animated version of the book here.



We are thinking of different ways that we show love to people and thinking of who loves us including God.

We will also be listening to the story of The Good Samaritan and making finger puppets to act  out the story.



In maths we are looking at sharing .


We also have a science investigation to see what effect exercise has on our hearts.

Science Experiment

Science Experiment Prompt Card

The whole school is learning a song and dance about love. If you would like to join in at home here is the song.



Home Learning w/b 29.06.20

This week our story is a Twinkl original – Back to Earth with a Bump. Here is the story for you to share with your child:


Here are some ideas for questions you can ask your child about the story to help develop their comprehension skills:


Here are some home learning suggestions linked to the story:


Writing activities this week include labelling a rocket, making a space fact book and inventing a planet. Here are writing frames to help your child complete these tasks:




Maths this week is looking at time. Here are some suggestions for activities to do at home to teach your child about time:


Here are some art and craft rocket activities:



And finally a well being activity which we will be doing in class where we will be encouraging the children to think about things they are proud of:

well being task – being proud


Home learning w/b 22/06/20

Our story this week is Those Magnificent Sheep in their Flying Machine by Peter Bently. It is a very funny rhyming story about some sheep stealing a plane and flying around the world in it. You can listen to it here.

At school we will be looking at the different countries the sheep visit and learning some facts about each place. This would be a fun activity to try at home as well.

We will also be writing sentences about what is different between old and modern planes.

Compare old and modern planes writing task



missing numbers 11-20

order numbres

Explore virtual planes at museumofflight.org/vr and https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/cosford/things-to-see-and-do/virtual-tours.aspx