Krispie’s of the week…

Our krispies of the week are…

Toby H (Yr 1) – for his kindness to others in breakfast club- what a star!

Theo– for his understanding of the rules for the games played in breakfast club – well done Theo! 🙂

Krispie’s of the week…

Our krispie’s of the week are…

Edward-for always coming into BC with the biggest smile 🙂 you brighten our day!

Brayden– for being a good role model to our younger children! You are a star 🙂

Our krispie’s of the week…

Sophia J – for sacrificing the last waffle for her younger sister!! Well done Sophia!

Travis H- for being a great team captain and leading his team in a game and winning it!! Well done Travis!

Well done to all of our Breakfast Club Children this week, we hope you all have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday!

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Mac, Miss Mac and Mr Eldridge.



Krispie’s of the week…

Our breakfast club krispie’s of the week are…

Ks1 Lucy: for always being kind and generous to everyone in breakfast club! Well done Lucy!

Ks2 Lewis T: for always putting others before himself- you are a pleasure to have in Breakfast club!


Thankyou for your continued support.

Mrs Mac,Miss Mac and Mr Eldridge.

Krispie of the week…

The Krispie’s of the week this week are…

Finley T for having a great sense of humour in BC and making everybody smile

Oscar M for always smiling in the morning whatever the weather!

Harriet M for her willingness to help at all times- Thank you!

Ferdia for his politeness and lovely manners- a perfect role model to our younger children

We would like to wish all our breakfast club member’s and their families a Merry Christmas!! We hope it is a joyful one 🙂

This week in BC we have been getting into the Christmas Spirit playing lots of Christmas games,and even having Christmas Tree shaped crumpets!!! Sadly, we have lost 2 members of our BC family, Finley T and Selina we wish you all the luck in the world as you start your new adventures, we will miss you both!!

Thankyou to all the BC parents and Children for your kind words and gifts you have gave us this week, we appreciate it so much! Thankyou all for your continued support this Term and we will see you bright and early in BC after Christmas 🙂 ( we return 7th January)

Mrs Mac,Miss Mac and Mr Eldridge