Just to Say

Dear all,

Just a note to say thank you for joining in on the live maths sessions that I have been doing. It has been nice to see the interaction from the children that are engaging in the videos.

I will be uploading the chapters of Song of the Dolphin Boy as soon as my WIFI is back up and running. These will be available for you to access over half term week if you wish too.

Once again, thank you to the children that have emailed me their wonderful work – you’re all working so hard. If you need to, you can contact me on sspp.year4@taw.org.uk

Miss Drake


Maths Lesson

This morning, we went over area and perimeter. We found the missing sides to this irregular shapes then I asked children to find the area of the shapes as a home task. I will be live again at 11am to follow on the lesson.

See you there!

18.05.20 Year 4 Home learning Pack


School Closure Work Pack home learning wk 7

Good evening,

Huge well done to all the children that have been working hard – I love seeing your work over the emails. Also, a big well done to the children taking part on the live Facebook lessons- I hope they’re helping.

Hope you’re safe and well.

Miss Drake


This Week: Live Lesson

Hope everyone is safe and well. This morning I felt was a successful start to a Monday morning with maths. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be reading the book again – I will have some questions ready for the children to answer. On Thursday at 10am, I will go back over the multiplication that we did today as a live lesson again.

I have been receiving some lovely emails off the children, feel free to ask or email any work that has been completed.

have a lovely day, Miss Drake.

Home learning Week 5

Good afternoon,

Below are the attachments you will need for this week. I hope you are all well. Thank you to those children who have been in touch over email (sspp.year4@taw.org.uk) and those that are working hard on Purple mash – it’s lovely to see that you are enjoying the tasks set. This week sees Friday 8th as a bank holiday so I have left that day so you can enjoy it together.

Any questions, feel free to ask away!

have a lovely week.




School Closure Work Pack 5 T2-H-169-Label-a-Celtic-Warrior-Worksheet T2-H-170-Celtic-Warrior-and-Roman-Soldier-Comparison-Worksheet T2-H-4791-The-Iron-Age-Themed-Research-Map Why Prehistoric People Were so Great Home Learning Task

Chapter 4 & Chapter 5

Good morning year 4!

I have now uploaded chapter 4: part two and Chapter 5. I have some questions for you to have a go at too. If you have any of your own, send them over for me to answer: sspp.year4@taw.org.uk

Chapter 5

1. What does the word anxious mean?

2. Do you think the children should have a change of heart on how they treat Finn?

3. What do you think Finn will say when they find him?

4. Who could be coming up the steps?